Weekend Trip to Al Ruwais with Mercedes CLS 500

This is a fresh and previously un-published trip exclusive to weekenduae.com

This trip will take us west of Abu Dhabi, where rare open beaches compete with industrial installations, palatial weekend residences, five-star beach resorts, and ferry ports to the islands of Sir Bani Yas and Delma.

Arabian Gulf from Al Ruwais shoreline

The Arabian Gulf as seen from the Al Ruwais shoreline.

You will need a fast and very safe car to make this trip and arrive/return in a good mood, as the highway heading west from Abu Dhabi is the long stretch for trucks towards the Saudi border. Everybody is in a hurry, and anything goes – so make sure you stay alert at all times.

The Mercedes CLS 500 was bred to tackle these roads, and it flew us there and back first class. I watched SUVs struggle with the uneven tarmac, trying to keep up or pass us, yet in the Mercedes we were barely approaching a comfortable cruising speed. We cut through the air like a razor, while they huffed and puffed and fought the road.

Mercedes CLS 500 on E11

The Mercedes CLS 500 tamed the infamous E11 highway with non-challant ease.

If you were in the market for a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle, of the twin-turbo-charged V8 kind, then I would definitely suggest you visit the Mercedes dealerships (in UAE, there are separate ones by region: Mercedes Abu Dhabi and Mercedes Dubai) – you will find it one of the most advanced cars in terms of technological features.

Check out a video:

At destination, we enjoyed a relaxing weekend at the Danat Jebel Dhanna Beach Resort. Every so often, especially in the heat of UAE summer, a bit of luxury and pampering is called for. And besides the idyllic beach and fancy resort facilities, the buffet served up during our stay was phenomenal! One of the best I’ve experienced in 13 years in the UAE.

View from Danat Jebel Dhanna Beach Resort window

This was the view from our Danat Jebel Dhanna Beach Resort room window.

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View Al Ruwais in a larger map

Ruwais Oil Installations

The western region of Abu Dhabi is undergoing rapid develoment, and on the way to Al Ruwais you will pass by vast industrial installations. Yet at the same time, you will drive past the Marawah Marine Protected Area, with a total area of 4255 km² and hosting 60% of the population of dugongs in the world. And on the other side of Al Ruwais, there are unspoilt beaches and completely natural islands.

Sri Baniyas Island from the shore

Sir Bani Yas Island seen from the shore - developed as natural habitat for wildlife, a booking is required to visit the island by ferry. The Danat Jebel Dhanna Beach Resort can arrange this for you.

Ferry port to Delma Island

The ferry port to Delma Island is further west than the ferry terminal for Sri Baniyas Island.

Sand Golf Course

Something different: the Al Dhafra Golf Club proposes a sand course for avid golfers. The only grass is the little mat of artificial turf you carry around to place your ball on.

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16 thoughts on “Weekend Trip to Al Ruwais with Mercedes CLS 500

  1. Sri Bani Yas Island made for an excellent destination for a weekend. Make sure you book ahead and bring sunhats and sunscreen. Lots of wild animals to photograph.

  2. Your website is excellent. Thanks for posting us those good articles. I went to Ruwais with family and friends as you suggested.

  3. Once you own a Mercedes you will never go back to driving other brands: the quality of the build, the steady feeling of the drive, the custom finish of the interior, it is all a cut above the rest.

  4. We didnt’ know there was such a beautiful island not far from Abu Dhabi – now we do! Shukhran!

    • I think so, although I haven’t tried yet. Just stay away from the oil installations and any other official-looking areas and you should be fine for a night. Personally, I’d aim for behind the sand golf course, as then you have services nearby.

  5. Thought there was nothing but oil installations west of AD: nice write-up, I’ll be going there myself.

  6. Sribaniyaas is best island sir. you must go there with family. many animals like giraf.

  7. thanks for posting your feeling about the Mercedes, I like your description on the highway drive, that’s exactly how it feels 🙂

    • I want a Mercedes like that!!!! My little Focus will not drive that far on highway! Then I will go with your trip ^_^

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