Weekend Trip to Hatta Pools with Ford Edge

This is a fresh and previously un-published trip exclusive to weekenduae.com

This trip will take us to the mountains south of Hatta, where a series of water pools offer a refreshing dip. It is a popular destination due to its ease of access, but unfortunately the closest pools tend to accumulate a fair amount of trash and graffiti.

Weekend Trip to Hatta Pools with Ford Edge

Finding fresh water in the middle of one of the most arid environments on Earth is nothing short of a miracle; and there are a surprising number of fresh water sources hidden among the Hajar Mountains.

The Ford Edge surprised in its latest evolution – it now runs a popping 3.5L 6-cylinder 285HP engine!

Ford Edge in Hatta

The Ford Edge poses handsomely on its way to Hatta, flexing its fluid shapes and smooth lines that run the length of its body. I found the Edge a very attractive car indeed.

Check out more about the Ford Edge at Al Tayer and in the video clip below:

The Hatta pools are technically in Oman, although at the time of writing there is no visa requirement – all you do is show valid ID and car registration at the various check-points.

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View Hatta Pools in a larger map

Hatta Fort roundabout

From the Hatta Fort roundabout, the pools are to the south-east, past the Hill Park.

Hatta Mountains

The mountains around Hatta are fierce and sharp - every track leads to an adventure! Considering that in this region survival was based on the availability of water (and still is), so every track leads to a village, and every village was built within reach of water. The Hatta pools are only one of the many.

Friends take a dip in the Hatta Pools

Friends take a dip in the Hatta Pools.

Check out an amazing 360-degree panoramic photo by Karim Saad!

And the water can get pretty deep, as shown in this video clip.

Fish in the Hatta Pools

Fish in the Hatta Pools are a sign of healthy water.

Cultivation in Hatta

And the surrounding oases make the most of the abundant water resources and fertile soil. The UAE side of Hatta has recently built a large dam and reservoir to harness the water.

Trash in Hatta

However, callous visitors continue to dirty the wadis by leaving their picnic waste. The aluminum containers and plastic bags that were used to carry the food in can so easily be used to carry the leftovers out again, and so the only possible reason for this disgraceful behavior must be ignorance.

Please make sure you read the Disclaimer and plan your trips with due care.

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  1. My wife Caron and I are looking forward to the cooler weather to arrive so we can try out some of your trips.

    Got any trips with recommended hotels?? Perhaps for a one or two night get away.

    We love camping and have a great big Saudi tent we bought in Riyadh.
    We are looking forward to breaking it out this winter in Oman.

    Thanks for the informative ideas.

    Don in Al-Ain

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