Weekend Trip to Al Wagan with Range Rover Sport Supercharged

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Range Rover Sport Supercharged in Al Wagan Dunes

The Range Rover Sport Supercharged churns up a bit of sand in Al Wagan Dunes, as buddy and Desert Lions founder Mohammed Idris takes the photo. Al Wagan is south of Al Ain and one of the best places for desert driving in the UAE, coming in a close second to the Empty Quarter dunes of Liwa.

The Range Rover Sport Supercharged offers a luxury magic carpet ride on all terrains, seemingly cushioned on air – and it is, too, since the adjustable suspension allows for lowering and raising the vehicle height, as well as stiffening the suspension for sustained distances at speed. We basically flew down to Al Wagan on the new highway, skimmed across the gravel plain, and then powered over the sand dunes. I mean 510-horsepowered over the dunes!

camping fire

Al Wagan is a fantastic destination for a fun camping trip - you will need a bunch of friends, firewood, something to cook, and laughter and good times will follow. Since Al Wagan is about an hour south of Al Ain, adventurers from the UAE coast will probably enjoy the trip more if it isn't forced into one day: make it an overnight camping trip and the tarmac time will be well worth it.

Download the KML file for your GPS by clicking here. Once downloaded, you can import the file into your GPS device and take it on the road, or double-click that file and it will open automatically in Google Earth if you have that installed (all adventurers should! Google Earth).

And here is an interactive map of the routes. And here is an interactive map of the routes.

date palms

Testament to the rich groundwater resources, on the way to Al Wagan you will pass by large forested areas and date palm cultivations - stop and take a break in the shade, if you like, the farmers are usually very friendly and hospitable.

goat farm

A little goat farm in Al Wagan

Grocery store oasis

If you follow the provided GPS track, you will enter the desert by a white grocery store - ideal to stock up on the last cold drinks until you exit by the same road.


In the morning and evenings, the Al Wagan camel racetrack is busy with camel training.

camel rider

A camel rider balances expertly on a galloping camel - have a go! If you ask nicely, they'll let you ride. Perhaps better not ask for the thoroughbred racing camel, though! Wait for later when you'll come across sleepy little farms and see if the camel herder is in a good mood. If he does get the camel kneeling for you to get on, make sure that when it gets up you prepare yourself to lean in synch with the camel as its front and rear suspension operate independently.


The Al Wagan dunes are spectacular, and even though you will not be far from civilization, you will feel like you are deep in the desert. Just remember, to exit, head east!

Please take due care when driving on high dunes in Al Wagan; the dunes are very steep and although it seems impossible to get up, there are ridges of harder sand at the sides which allow your vehicle to climb up. My disclaimer is here.

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