Weekend Dining at Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

WOW is the expression used after walking out of the TRB, as all the magnificent feelings of the evening convene and hit you with wonder at the exit.

But let us start from the beginning.

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

The Temple Beijing Restaurant is positioned in a unique setting inside a 600-year-old temple that includes the ancient halls of worship, several factories constructed after the Communist takeover, and slogans left over from the Cultural Revolution. Renovation began in 2008. All these layers of history contribute to the mix offered by the Chefs that have created a contemporary European cuisine menu.

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

To reach the TRB you need to go through a typical “Hutong” alley in the centre of Beijing, right next to the Forbidden City, so you are in the most antique part of the city. Hutongs are the narrow streets formed by rows of traditional courtyard residences in the inner city.

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

Walking from the car to the restaurant is the first great experience: you approach this 600 year old temple that has a magnificent courtyard and then through a door of the temple you enter into the modern bar area of the restaurant, still maintaining the original temple roof.

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

At the bar you can enjoy the very interesting barman’s tales of the history of the temple while tasting a welcome Champagne flute or non alcoholic cocktail.

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

The dining area is very modern in contrast with the view from the glass wall of the temple courtyard. We suggest that when booking you request a table next to the courtyard view.

Don’t be scared when they bring you the wine list… It could be the wine encyclopaedia as it has a vast variety of wines from Europe and across the World! The core of the list features wines from France, focusing on the regions of Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

You can have great trust in the suggestions of the competent Sommeliers, who for every course will select wonderful wines that combine perfectly with every taste served.

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

A must-taste plate is an appetizer: Lobster Salad.

The blend of tastes of Avocado, Pomelo, Kaffir Lime and Lobster together are amazing. Congratulations, TRB! A spot-on signature plate!

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

Another plate to request is the 24-hour marinated Salmon that is presented on a trolley and sliced directly at the table. A simple plate but the taste is stunning.

The service is fantastic! All the floor staff are Chinese: courteous, competent and very helpful. There are so many waiters you cannot believe it; I think at least 7-8 different waiters served us, and during all the dinner they moved around our and other tables unnoticed. My glass was always filled for me, and sometimes I did not even realise that it had been the waiter – they must have stealth training in place!

The main courses are a selection of European food. We had Beef tenderloin, Salmon and Lamb. All marvellous with great detail in presentation and spices.

The desserts are all homemade and delicious. A favourite is the Faulettine Praline (for very sweet palates). Even the Budino was marvellous and it has a small piece of crispy bacon as topping (you can ask for it without). Bacon on a Budino??? Yep, and I admit that the tastes blended fine to my amazement!

Temple Restaurant Beijing, in China

So to sum it up: in a Hutong in the centre of Beijing, a 600 year old temple, a very modern restaurant, 3 wine cellars, Chinese staff, European Chef, World wine, European cuisine… and when you walk out you are again in the Hutong.

This amazing combination of cultures make the TRB a WOW… a real, world-class, unique dining experience!

Here is an interactive map of Temple Restaurant Beijing’s location in historical Beijing, China:

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Temple Restaurant Beijing
23 Shatan N St,
+86 10 8400 2232