Weekend in Prague, Czech Republic, with Wizz Air

Prague is a magical city!


We went the scenic route, always happy to get a 2-cities-deal, with a super-cheap and convenient Wizz Air flight!

Wizz Air

While the Wizz Air network is formidable indeed, we wanted to make the most of our trip, so…

We enjoyed a couple of nights in Budapest, then hopped on the train to Prague!

Train to Prague

Not any train… 1st class sleeper, with our own overnight private cabin, a classy restaurant wagon, and full views all the way!

Prague 007

This is the way to travel in Europe!

Train to Prague

Once in Prague, our adventure continued. What a majestic capital city! The old district downtown was fabulous in its lovely alleyways and interesting shops.

And the history and architecture reminded us of why Europe is such a wonderful destination every step of the way.



Above all else, Prague is a city of the river – the mighty Vltava flows right through it.



Prague is a classic destination – if you haven’t been, then put it at the top of your list.

And if you have, time for a second trip!


The details in the city are always intriguing, and so artful.

Prague 005

Prague 004

We’ll be back, dear Prague!

Wizz Air took us home with ease, even gifting us a superb view of Dubai on approach.


Visit Czech Tourism for more information about Prague!