Weekend at Relais Chateaux Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, Italy

Weekend at Relais Chateaux Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany, Italy

When in Tuscany, do as the Tuscans do!

I must applaud the owners of the Relais Chateaux Borgo Santo Pietro who really managed to capture the true essence of Tuscany by restoring this antique “Borgo”.

The setting is astounding, the buildings are recreated perfectly and the zone they are located in is in the middle of everything you want to see in Tuscany.

The best feature of this “hospitality establishment” is that it does not feel like a hotel. You know when you travel to exclusive resort the service will be excellent, the facilities spotless and the food good, but you always have a feeling you do not belong there, it is a hotel at the end.

Borgo Santo Pietro is different, once you step through that gate you never want to leave, but not because of the really high quality hospitality received, because it becomes your home… you will miss it!

Borgo San Pietro

Upon entering the front gate the pampering starts: leave your car in front of the main house and just go to relax while the staff takes care of all your luggage and checking in for you. The only thing you need to do is sit down and relax near a lit fireplace and enjoy the welcome drink and snacks.

Borgo San Pietro

The Borgo Santo Pietro has it all – but my favourite must be the horizon view pool that overlooks the valley of serenity where you can admire about 100 different shades of green in the valley and hills in front of you.

Borgo San Pietro


Borgo Santo Pietro for now has 15 different rooms. There are rooms for all tastes, from rooms with a private back garden to the grand suite in the main villa with its own terrace overviewing the serene valley.

We had the Basilico room, actually my favourite herb!

Borgo San Pietro

All details in Borgo Santo Pietro are amazing! The structure of the building is really a replica of how it would have been in 1400 when the Borgo was a pilgrims’ stop on the way to visit the San Galgano Abbey.

The interiors obviously are modern but with the correct touch of antiquity in them to keep the Borgo atmosphere.

Bicchieri - camino



The surroundings around the Borgo are amazing, this is one part of Italy that will stay in your heart forever!

20150418_131833 - mod


After a day out visiting the beauties proposed by Tuscany you are sure to come back to Chef Andrea Mattei, who will be ready to amaze you at the Meo Modo restaurant in the Borgo.

The 10 course Chefs choice meal is a sure success, and Andrea will accompany you through a real journey of Tuscan tastes. I was amazed of some ingredients he used that I had no idea they could taste in that way.

The restaurant is going towards its first Michelin star but I would give an entire universe to Chef Andrea Mattei!

When I spoke to him he said something you could see it came from the heart: “I am Tuscan, it is an honour for me to reinvent Tuscan food, with Tuscan ingredients, in Tuscany”. This passion is reflected fully in his creations.

Chef Mattei

Come and visit Tuscany, one of the most beautiful places on earth, and make it an amazing memory with Relais Chateaux Borgo Santo Pietro.

Borgo San Pietro