Sharjah Museum Summer Camp in July and August, 2017

Sharjah Museums Department holds annual Summer Camp to educate and entertain children with a variety of workshops, presentations and competitions over the holiday period.

SHARJAH, July 30, 2017: Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) is once again putting on a holiday season to remember for hundreds of children throughout the UAE.

In July and August, many of SMD’s best-known museums are taking part in the annual series of Summer Camps, which include a variety of interactive workshops and dynamic learning experiences.

Some of the highlights this year include chocolate-making at Sharjah Science Museum, using ancient techniques to make jewellery at Sharjah Archaeology Museum, and learning how to be environmentally friendly at Sharjah Discovery Centre.

Held every year to entertain children and their families during the school holidays, SMD’s Summer Camps have become one of its most popular regular activities. The initiative is part of SMD’s objective of extending the content of its exhibits and galleries beyond museums into the community.

Manal Ataya, Director General of SMD, said: “The overall aim of our summer camps is to spark an interest in art, science, history and UAE heritage from an early age. By putting the emphasis on interactive learning in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, we’re making a real difference to hundreds of children and their families every year.”

The workshops at Sharjah Discovery Centre have a health angle this year with workshops based around teaching children about different vitamins and mineral and their health benefits. The programme also covers types of pollution and how to effectively protect the environment. Other themes include connecting famous worldwide landmarks with capital cities.

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is focusing on inventions this year, highlighting the vital role played by Muslims in achieving breakthroughs in science. Entitled “A Well of Innovation”, the camps introduces children to famous innovators who made notable advances in areas including chemistry, astronomy and engineering.

At Sharjah Science Museum, participants are using all their senses to appreciate fundamentals of science. They are discovering the health benefits of chocolate, before making their own chocolatey treats. They’re also learning how to use stethoscopes to examine friends before writing prescriptions. The varied workshops cover astronomy, robotics, nutrition, and much more.

Among the highlights at Sharjah Archaeology Museum, youngsters are using ancient methods of jewellery-making to create their own pieces. They’re also learning about fishing tools, and studying important developments of the past, including house-building and the use of oil lamps. Children are visiting archaeological sites in Sharjah where they’re discovering the important role played by archaeologists in piecing together our history.

Sharjah Maritime Museum is covering a wide range of workshop themes this year, many of which reveal aspects of UAE history and heritage. Participants are learning about the skills and techniques of maritime navigation, gaining an appreciation of the link between the palm tree and the sea, and discovering the tools of the trade used by pearl divers and fishermen.

The activities at Sharjah Art Museum include everything from restoring old paintings, to producing new pieces of art using watercolours and other natural materials, to touring the museums’ permanent collections. The workshops are also teaching children about the history and techniques of symbolism and folklore, as well as how to create surrealist paintings using acrylics.