Weekend at Truckers Summer Warehouse in Dubai

A brilliant concept takes the heat out of summer by bringing UAE’s favorite food trucks indoors!

And then they add entertainment…

For the kids, too!

And let the food trucks do their stuff!

There surely is something for everyone, and the menus are so tantalizing that it’s hard to decide!

In fact, the creativity is compelling, and the sophistication of the dishes on offer is impressive.

 The above signboard is from GObai, a Goa-Portuguese fusion creation by Kevin Vaz, pictured below.

His falafel slider with the mango drizzle – to die for!

The scene overall is street, but at the same time elegant and hip.

And the entertainment proposes quality acts.

Both live comedy and music:

But it’s the food that steals the show.

And I believe I may have bitten into one of the best burgers in my life – and I do not say this lightly.

This little beauty right here:

Firstly, it is nestled into a potato bread bun – excellent choice, giving me the softness of white bread (no wholemeal for me, sorry!) as well as the chewiness from the starch.

Then, the patty is prime beef mince, combined with chorizo! Pure genius!!! The chorizo sausage is highly seasoned, and it gives the meat a kick of unbridled flavor – really tasty!

And then it is slathered with onion relish jam – sweet! – and balanced off with sliced pickled peppers – sour and spicy! – and what seems to be a mayo-based secret sauce, and the lettuce and tomato.

The result is absolutely fantastic! A burger I will remember.

This burger creation is by Swag Truck, and I wish I worked there… I would eat so many of those sliders on the side…sales would be down, but consumption would be sky-high!

To conclude, not only a very clever summer destination, and a fun-filled evening for all the family, but especially: great street food from the trucks!

Hosted at Dubai World Trade Center, and when you hear of the next Truckers Summer Warehouse, you run there – because if you’re not fast enough, I’ll have finished all them burgers before you get there!