Who are the Authors?


Unspoilt coastline West of Abu Dhabi

Very few unspoilt beaches are left in the UAE; however, all is not lost and a few gems remain.


Off-road cars drive up and down large sand dune.

Al Bidayer, known as “Big Red”, is a popular dune for 4×4 mayhem, but there are hundreds more without the crowds.


Some natural pools can get over-run by trashy visitors at times, although there are scores of pristine swim holes in the Hajar Mountains.

There are scores of pristine swim holes in the Hajar Mountains.

A freelance travel and motoring writer and photographer since 2004, living in UAE since 1999, Paolo Rossetti has published over 300 articles in the newspapers The National, Gulf News, and Khaleej Times, as well as in the magazines Arab Wheels, Middle East Car, Top Performance, Wheels, etc. He has also presented four public photography exhibitions.

His love for cars and travel has taken him on an amazing journey of discovery in the UAE and Oman and beyond – and in this website, Paolo wants to share his knowledge of great places to visit, just like numerous good buddies have shared their special destinations with him.

Paolo is sad to hear of UAE expats (and nationals!) who spend their weekends bored in malls or doing their laundry, when he knows there are awesome adventures to be had if only people knew where to go.

Check out the photos and you will be astounded – is this for real? You betcha!

On this website Paolo provides lively destination suggestions, with description, photos, route, GPS file, and an interactive map for you to follow at your leisure. It’s free of charge because Paolo is motivated by his admiration of the UAE and by helping you enjoy your stay in the region, be it a few months or a lifetime.

To many adventures!

Andrea Rossetti


Joining weekenduae in 2013, brothers Andrea (left) and Marco Rossetti (right) add their own perspective with trips to many exciting destinations, especially those adventures with an international flavor!


And in 2016, bringing a fresh viewpoint, Rhiannon Oliver (above) joined the ranks of weekenduae writers with a focus on destinations beyond the ordinary.

In 2017, with an expansion of European destination ideas, Saskia Leenes (below right), a Masterchef contestant and Personal Chef, Saskia Leenes, weekenduaeadded her expertise and passion for luxury travel and dining.

Debora Khretdao2018 welcomes writer and award-winning photographer Debora Khretdao (left), who brings with her a youthful appetite for adventure sports and exciting destinations!

Please make sure you read the Disclaimer and plan your trips with due care. Join with like-minded friends, learn the skills that get you home safely, and always be respectful of the environment and the forces of nature – we humans are insignificant in the hands of nature: never forget that.

4x4 caught in a flash flood

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  1. Wow PR, i never realized we have august company amongst our midst in UAE offroaders. Salute to you and hopefully when next I visit Al Ain, I will certainly try to meet you up.

    By the way, i have a D700 and some good lenses. Let me know when I can join you for a good shoot and drive.

  2. PR wonderful website and very interesting articles! Keep them coming as they are an inspiration for discovering this incredible country.

  3. PR you have been inspiration for all the youngster in Dubai and old people like me, you have always give something nice to the community, keep on giving more and more and we will all benefit out of it.

    Wish you all the best and keep writing, keep clicking and keep inspiring

  4. PR, get complie… have always been inspired by your routing, and follwing your guidance have tried trailing a few discretely. Keep em comming… cheers Naveen