Review of V-Kool Car Tint and Protection in UAE

V-Kool has rightly earned a reputation of excellence when it comes to car window tinting, and now an expansion of bespoke services into car care and protection is on the cards!

Citizens and residents of the UAE know full well the importance of tinting car windows to ward off the severe heat and UV rays that are an unavoidable part of the climatic conditions in the GCC – but perhaps not all realize the difference between the professional installation of a luxury tint and slapping on a cheap dark plastic film…

…it is, believe me, night and day!

The materials themselves are the foundation of the application. Unlike other common solar plastic sheets – and let’s not even consider the lower end of the market – which absorb and re-radiate heat, V-KOOL® combines high performance solar control with high visible light transmission. This allows over 70% light transmission, and blocks out 94% of infra-red and an astounding 99% of ultra-violet rays!

And all this without impeding clarity and visibility, day or night.

At the V-KOOL® retail installation units in the UAE, a simple stand mounted with 4 heat lamps demonstrates this very effectively: place your hand over the standard tint, and it’s hot – pass your hand over the V-KOOL® tint, and miraculously the heat disappears!

But then the good folks at V-KOOL® started thinking – if we can protect from the solar environment, what about other hazards and damages that can occur to our precious cars?

And thus was born PPF – Paint Protection Film

Such a genius idea! You’re already one of the world leaders in car window tinting, let’s expand the know-how into professional car care services!

For UAE drivers this is very good news.

As of now, when I buy a new car, my first stop will be a V-KOOL® car care center. In fact, if I could avoid the drive out of the dealer’s lot, and have it installed directly at purchase, even better!

Basically, imagine a tough yet flexible sheet of completely transparent plastic that wraps around the body panels of your beautiful vehicle, providing an impenetrable protection layer – drive in an abrasive sand storm at speed, take knocks from stones that would normally chip the paint, even those fine scratches from washing the car: none of them touch your car’s paint or headlights!

But, there’s more.

You see, it’s not only a matter of applying high-tech plastics; it is also a question of how they are installed.

And this is where V-KOOL® blew me away!

I personally observed the installation from start to finish. I have never seen such patience and methodical determination in achieving perfection.

The car is washed – and I mean spic and span – I mean that you could eat directly off the body panels! Repeatedly washed, again and again, totally OCD. Incredible.

This happens with both installation of window tinting and paint protection film.

And for the PPF, further steps prepare and seal the car’s paint prior to applying the protective coating.

The result is completely invisible – yet the material is a tough 7mm in thickness!

The protection for your prized vehicle against accidental abrasions and scratches is even self-healing and hydrophobic; it also helps maintain the car’s value against depreciation, enhances the appearance of your car, and keeps it looking its best with a limited 5-year warranty.

The results are truly impressive.

For many of us, our car is one of the biggest investments of our hard-earned money. It makes sense to add layers of professional car care and protection, with the pros – with V-KOOL.

And as V-KOOL in UAE continually strives to bring the very best car care and protection services, we look forward to featuring more and further important processes to enhance our pride of car ownership as well as protect our precious vehicles!

V-KOOL is now available throughout UAE’s main urban centers: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, and more information can be obtained via the V-KOOL website.