Weekend Dining at Zsolnay Restaurant in Pécs, Hungary

In the beating heart of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, just to the east of the city of Pécs, is an establishment of fine dining of excellent value and sophistication – the Zsolnay Restaurant.


The Quarter itself is sited on the premises of the historical Zsolnay porcelain factory, and is currently a lively mix of entertainment, academics, and cultural programmes – and, of course, the restaurant!

The food is divine, beyond expectations.

As is the pristine silver service – impeccable.

The creativity with which the Executive Chef dreams up the seasonal menu is perhaps the pillar of this restaurant’s success; but, having an owner who is also a reputed Chef is certainly a plus!

Additionally, besides the delightful and well-appointed premises, the forethought to make available also two large private dining areas, and the flexibility to cater to personalized requests, such as halal menus, are a sign of the care offered to guests.

With the daily ever-changing menus, the seasonal Chef specials, and the à la carte selections, there is surely a dish to suit everyone’s taste.


And the desserts: simply exquisite!


A culinary crown on the head of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, and indeed the entire city, one must experience a meal or two at Zsolnay Restaurant when in the vicinity!