Weekend Dining at Truffle Restaurant & Cocktail Bar by Savini Tartufi in Milan, Italy

by Saskia Leenes

A homage to the truffle

Palazzo Moscova

The truffle hidden deep in the dark soil is connected to the forest in different ways, and it transforms everything it touches.

And at Savini Tartufi they understand that really well!

Palazzo Moscova

The elegant Italian design: marble, green velvet and the colors of earthy truffle, rural Tuscany, even the tableware …..all is arranged to put this forest diamond at the centre of its culinary universe.

And it also tells the astounding story of the Savini family who dedicated their life to agriculture and culinary tradition.

Palazzo Moscova

The setting: before we go inside for lunch we have a frizzante on the sunny terrace. It is not hard to understand why it is such a popular spot to drink an aperitivo before dining!

And we do enjoy the glass of frizzante with a wonderful amuse – a fancy crisp green baby peach brined and aromated with white summer truffle.

The little piece of white truffle tried to steal the show, but the al fresco atmosphere at the NH Milano Palazzo Moscova, where Truffle Restaurant is located, took pole position!

Palazzo Moscova

And if you want, you can take a jar of heaven back home, as a range of high quality delicacies is available for purchase at the counter inside the restaurant.

Palazzo Moscova

The colours of the earthy truffles and sunny Tuscany…

At the table, the Tagliolini with Crema di Parmegiano Reggiano is a pure and rich dish, topped off with an abundance of white summer truffle – I can taste the freshness and passion in this dish: just delicious!

Palazzo Moscova Savini

Can’t go wrong with Savini’s sublime pasta perfection!

Palazzo Moscova

Another famous signature dish: Uovo 62.

Beautifully presented in a little earthenware bowl, accompanied with fine white porcelaine.

It is a classique combination with a modern twist, and the egg boiled at 62 degrees is silky soft and creamy.

But just wait for the moment the textures come together!

Palazzo Moscova

We also highly recommend the thin crispy truffle-toast and Bianchetto truffle fondue, plus the white raw truffle; it melts in your mouth and then you have this oh-so-satisfying crunch!

This is the moment at which this layered dish shows its depths, and everything comes together in perfect harmony.

Palazzo Moscova

The semifreddo is the real Italian way to finish, and it only gets better with the use of delicious truffle-honey.

There is always the option of leaving the truffle out, but who wants to do that?

Palazzo Moscova

We had a more than perfect lunch, and an extra compliment to the young staff: they are professional but most of all very hospitable and friendly.

The essence of this luxurious experience is the heartfelt connection with nature, and the paradisiacal celebration of the truffle!