Cafe Sutshi in Al Ain

One of the nicest things is discovering a small restaurant that cooks and serves from the heart…

…and then when that restaurant also delivers at a top level of flavors and creativity, the “nicest thing” becomes a greatest joy!

I am proud to present to you Cafe Sutshi – a restaurant in Al Ain that is worth driving to from Dubai or Abu Dhabi – and that is the highest compliment!

It’s a small place, but it has its priorities straight: friendly welcome, impeccably clean, and surprisingly operating at a level far above what you might expect – see the cutlery for a touch of class, for instance.

And a welcome drink appears at the table.

Already the scene is set, and this kind of attention to hospitality detail usually signals that the same care goes into the food preparation.

In fact, we were totally blown away not only by the delicious dishes, but especially by the creativity that went into the fusion of Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisine!

Our eyes popped out and our jaws dropped!

We were not expecting a top dining experience, but that’s what we got.

As each dish arrived, it was clear that a professional chef was responsible for these tasty creations – see the perfect application of cooking temperature to achieve the crispiness of the tempura vegetables, above.

Observe the creaminess of the sauce drizzled over the Dynamite Shrimp – absolutely lip-smacking!

And the presentation of each dish was admirable…

And notice the appetizing glaze applied to the Teriyaki Salmon rice bowl!

In fact, the mystery was solved… Sutshi’s menu has been set up by Chef Dema, the professionally-trained, talented, and energetic young Chef who already caught attention with her fantastic Al Sumac Al Shami restaurant, also in Al Ain!

And as you taste Sutshi’s delights, know that you are dining on totally unique adaptations of Japanese cuisine, artfully infused with Chef Dema’s native Syrian flavors and textures – truly a brilliant combination.

The cooked sushi selection, particularly, was superb!

And Cafe Sutshi is not afraid to experiment!

Beetroot wrapped around rice..

… and lettuce wrapped around dessert!

In total seriousness, if such fare were served at a top five-star restaurant, it would be absolutely at home.

The raw sushi was also prepared with due care.

And the menu was eclectic and offering a wide variety, with numerous other dishes.

And the innovative fusion continues to dessert: a Japanese mochi sweet with a delicious clotted cream center, used extensively in the Levant, and known in casual Arabic as ashta.

Pure genius!

All of Sutshi was pure genius!

Indeed, Al Ain finally has a restaurant destination worthy of a car trip from the coast – bravo Cafe Sutshi!

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