Weekend at the Royal Savoy in Lausanne, Switzerland

The Royal Savoy in Lausanne is housed in a spectacular building – a jewel nearby the lake, serving as a luxury hotel since 1909.

Yet, they have achieved a contemporary feel, a relaxed and timeless luxury that makes the dignified guest feel at home.

However, the fact remains: it is a property of fabulous heritage.

Royal Savoy Lausanne

And in 2015 they relaunched, with 196 rooms and suites, and now they are constructing a phenomenal new building facing the lakeside!

Besides the palatial villa, the rooms at the Royal Savoy are like living in a dream:

Royal Savoy Lausanne


The new wing will see a combination of suites and retail space, but in the historical main building there is no shortage!




The dining options are splendid, and with atmosphere!


And the contrast of the turn-of-century halls with the modern feel of the contemporary amenities is very pleasing indeed.

WineCorridor copy

To conclude, a stay in Lausanne without experiencing the Royal Savoy is missing out!