Weekend Dining at Le Park 45 in Cannes, France


At Le Park 45 the excellence of the cuisine will blow you away…

…although the location is an equal delight – directly in the centre of Cannes’ corniche, the world-famous Croisette, hosted by the imposing Grand Hotel.


But it is the food itself that elevates this Michelin-star restaurant to levels of ecstasy. In fact, Le Park 45 would be a top-class destination regardless of its location.

This combination makes Le Park 45 a most wonderful choice for lunch or dinner while in Cannes.


The mastermind in the kitchens is Chef Broda, whose creativity is evident in his ever-changing menu selection.


The atmosphere is light and fresh, and elegant; and the service is beyond reproach. The selection of wines is carefully arranged by the in-house sommelier, and overall the ambience is one of understated dynamism.


And the delights that arrive to your table are a crescendo of masterpieces!





One impressive dish after the other, the dining experience is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate – every choice ingredient is balanced and marvelously matched with another, in a way that the evolution of the flavors comes through in waves.

For a supremely delicious visit to the heart of the French Riviera, La Côte d’Azur, in southern France, one must not miss Le Park 45!